Success stories

The FutureYou leadership team of, from left, Richard Wynn, Simon Meyer and Emily Wilson.

FutureYou enjoys spectacular growth

The belief there was a better way to connect executive talent with local businesses was the inspiration for a new category of recruitment agency that’s enjoyed spectacular growth in its first 12 months.

FutureYou was founded in April 2016 by Simon Meyer and now runs offices in Sydney and Melbourne, staffed by a team of almost 100.

Simon said the nation’s executive recruitment industry is now worth about $2 billion a year and, despite an explosion of recruitment apps and websites, at the end of the day, there was no substitute for the ‘human factor’.

The need for investment: FutureYou meets Jobs for NSW

FutureYou prides itself on personal engagement, employing highly experienced recruiters who have the client and candidates’ best interests at heart. The company has enjoyed rapid growth since its launch, and found a willing partner in Jobs for NSW when exploring financial assistance options.

‘We were one of the first organisations to partner with Jobs for NSW, the help coming at a time when we required an injection of capital to further propel our market strategy’, Simon says. ‘As a startup, with a limited trading history, we were unable to access the funds to expand our reach through traditional avenues’.

‘Jobs for NSW provided a Loan Guarantee of up to $608,000, which has been one of the key factors that has enabled us to continue to grow at a rapid pace’.

Growth opportunities

Simon says FutureYou has identified a real need in the world of executive recruitment, with global multinationals and local boutique agencies failing to deliver a holistic talent solution in terms of expertise and level of engagement.

‘So, that’s where FutureYou has come in, not only aiming to fill that gap but creating a new category in recruitment: the “super boutique”,’ Simon says. ‘We’re a nationally focused executive talent firm with the depth and expertise of a specialist boutique, but on a size and scale meaningful to the business community’.

Staff numbers have grown to almost 100, all of them employed on the basis of their recruitment experience, with the aim to grow to around 150 staff in the next two to three years.

For the moment FutureYou is concentrating on the Australian market, which is bursting with opportunities.

‘FutureYou’s focus is very much on Australia, because there’s just so much scope for growth and development nationally’, Simon says. ‘We want to be able to provide the best service and talent available for the benefit of Australian businesses and executive talent’.

‘We have our feet firmly on the ground and know the hard work starts now as we transition from a $10 million to $50 million business in the next five years. And it’s with partnerships like Jobs for NSW that we feel confident about taking those next steps’.

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