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Martyn Hann and Cate Hull FreightExchange

FreightExchange: Streamlining the future of freight

Things are moving fast for Sydney-based startup FreightExchange and that’s just how founder and CEO Cate Hull likes it. When you’re in the business of freight solutions, the faster things move, the better.

Cate co-founded FreightExchange with Martyn Hann in 2014 after research into the Australian freight industry revealed both shippers and carriers were frustrated with outdated, time-consuming practices.

With an extensive professional history in logistics and freight, the pair knew there must be a better way.

“Ultimately, one of the pain points in freight and logistics is the lack of transparency and the fact that there’s lots and lots of manual processes. There really hasn’t been a big uptake of automation and technology,” Cate said.

“We want to be the platform that helps a business move anything anywhere in the world, and to be able to do that in just a handful of clicks. We’re there to help automate all of those processes, saving you a lot of time, and ultimately money.”

The need for investment: FreightExchange meets Jobs for NSW

Sourcing the necessary funding and investment for ambitious startups like FreightExchange is a time-consuming, but vital task and it was in this sphere that the fledgling company found a financial lifeline.

During the search for different avenues of funding assistance, Cate was introduced to Jobs for NSW, from where they received a $100,000 Building Partnerships grant. It was the boost that made all the difference.

“The investment was spent on the team, on the products and on the systems.

It helped us hire a mobile applications developer and a Java developer throughout different periods to really hone the product, and improve our go-to-market and customer service strategies,” Cate said.

“It was a huge leg up – for a small business to have the ability to bring on additional resources is a massive, massive help.”

FreightExchange are recording double digit growth month-on-month, and having now serviced more than 3000 customers, many of them now repeat customers who wouldn’t trust their goods to anyone else.

FreightExchange on the move

The past few years have seen the company focused on general freight, but they are now looking at the more complex work of cold chain frozen and chilled goods and agricultural products.

FreightExchange currently has a team of 14, but as demand continues to grow, the vision for the company expands with it.

“It is a complex industry so we’re always looking to improve our products for the benefit of our customers,” Cate said.

“We’re also looking at pushing more into regional Australia and getting our amazing produce out into the world.

“And, globally, we’re striving to go into the likes of Southeast Asia and southern China. We’re excited about the future and just how far we can go.”

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