Jason Held Saber Astronautics CEO

From the inner city to outer space

Media release | 28 April 2017

Chippendale-based satellite control technology company Saber Astronautics is helping create a new generation of small satellite operators thanks to support from private sector-led, NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said Saber, which has received a $40,825 grant from Jobs for NSW, has developed satellite operating technology that can dramatically lower the costs for new space companies seeking to enter the global market.

“Saber is a pioneering Sydney company which has developed amazing technology that combines video game design methods and machine learning to control and to monitor a large number of satellites with the least number of people,” Mr Barilaro said.

“This incredible technology is helping to position NSW for new business and jobs in the quickly booming small satellite sector. This has many applications for traditional Australian sectors including agriculture and mining. It includes space-based support for the fast growing ‘Internet of Things’ market for connected devices, expected to grow to $6 trillion by 2025.

“It is fantastic to see an innovative NSW start-up working to grow our space industry. Saber will help to create the jobs of the future and show the world – maybe even other worlds – the vital role NSW and Australian technology has to play in this exciting sector.”

Saber Astronautics’ CEO Dr Jason Held said the Jobs for NSW grant helped the company develop a commercial spacecraft mission plan for a new Australian client, Fleet Space Technologies, which is planning to fly 100 Internet of Things (IoT) satellites with Saber’s assistance.

Dr Held said: “Satellites have thousands of components which need to be monitored – any failures can cost millions of dollars in business losses. Our software can predict a satellite’s performance and display it to an operator, allowing companies to monitor and control many satellites with the least effort. This is an enabler for future Australian companies many of whom may have limited experience in flight.”

Jobs for NSW CEO Karen Borg said: “Space is a $360 billion growth industry and with about 2,000 new satellites expected by 2020 to power a range of new business ideas. Many new operators will need inexpensive but professional operations providing strong opportunities for innovative companies like Saber.”

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