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Born global - targeting exports to Asia as a priority growth segment

Jobs for NSW are targeting exports to Asia as a priority growth segment for job creation.

  • With our support, NSW’s emerging high-growth businesses will capture more of the lucrative Asian export market by operating with a global, innovative mindset.
  • Jobs for NSW is focused on supporting NSW’s emerging high-growth businesses to be globally competitive, reach their full potential and create large numbers of
    resilient jobs.
  • Jobs for NSW has a suite of products available to assist with unlocking barriers to growth.
  • Asia has a diverse geography made up of a variety of markets, each with different needs, preferences and business environments. Housing 61% of the world’s population and a growing middle class, Asia offers limitless trade opportunities.

Creating jobs now, and in the future

High-growth small to medium enterprises (SMEs) are the silent engine room of NSW’s job growth, responsible for the great majority of new jobs in the state.

Yet for all their success and importance to our economy, SMEs are not growing as quickly as in other comparable countries. By giving them the right support to expand into markets such as Asia, even more jobs will be generated in NSW.

Regional job creation

  • A minimum of 30% of the $190m Jobs for NSW Fund will be invested in regional NSW, in recognition of the importance of regional job creation.
  • The Regional Jobs Now portfolio will focus on businesses operating outside the major cities of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. Regional startups and SMEs can also apply for support through any of our other product and services offerings.

Assistance for startups, emerging fast-growth SMEs and gazelles

Jobs for NSW offers a portfolio of products to meet the needs of businesses in different stages of their growth. For:

  • startups, grants to obtain customer feedback on the organisation’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • growing startups, Building Partnerships (BP) grants to build the business model to expand their customer base
  • emerging fast-growth SMEs, Accelerating Growth Loans (AGL) to provide additional funds to support investment in their growing businesses
  • Gazelles, SMEs that have proven themselves with 20% revenue or jobs growth over three years, Loan Guarantees (LG) to help them access funds from financial institutions to accelerate their business expansion.

Download the Born Global flier to learn more.