From January 2016 to January 2017, Jobs for NSW helped over 100 NSW startups to build momentum and grow their businesses.

Our #100Startups campaign will profile some of the state's best startups, show how we've helped them and give you the lowdown on how they found their success. From revealing their networking tips to how they start their day, this is an inside look into the startup world in NSW.

CleverDux This innovative duo designed wristbands that allow teachers to quickly identify students with allergy, asthma and anaphylaxis, allowing quicker reaction times in potentially life-threatening situations. Now, they've been introduced to 100 schools. Back from Boston where they competed in the #JobsforNSW supported Startup MassChallenge, read in Anthill (Supporting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Australia) how this young company continues to court success.

StopRotor worked for 10 years to develop their breakthrough technology. Now, these two Central Coast entrepreneurs have been named one of the top five Australian startups at a #JobsforNSW Mass Challenge start-up accelerator event. Read how they're attracting the attention of the defence and civil aerospace markets with their new drone innovation in the Central Cost Gosford Express Advocate.