Jobs for NSW is focusing its portfolio of products and services on industries and sectors with the highest job creation potential.

Accelerating growth industries


We’ve identified industries and sectors with competitive advantages that will help us generate sustainable employment across NSW.

Our target industries include:

  • tourism
  • international education
  • food and quality goods to Asia
  • digital innovation
  • financial and professional services
  • advanced manufacturing
  • life sciences
  • infrastructure and smart cities
  • creative industries
  • environmental technologies
  • Regional headquarters.

We’ll accelerate growth in these areas by acting as a concierge, or convenor of government and business, to help advance significant opportunities, remove barriers for business, and develop high-impact job creation measures.

We will also advocate and support each of these key industries by:

  • Partnering with key government agencies or business enablers, and developing key ‘champions’ across segments to expand their job creating potential
  • Working with partner organisations and identifying opportunities, events and networks to inform, influence and extend target segments
  • Hosting briefings, roundtables, and regional events.

For further information, email or call 1300 JOB NSW (1300 562 679).