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How Jobs for NSW helps startups

NSW is Australia’s startup capital, with nearly half of our nation’s startup businesses calling Sydney home. Jobs for NSW is focused on building a strong and supportive ecosystem for startups; we want them to thrive and prosper, and become the job-creating powerhouses of the future.

To achieve this, we’re offering grants to promising NSW startups to help them find their feet.

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Minimum Viable Product grants

Our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grants are designed to support promising startups that are not yet generating revenue. They provide up to $25,000 to gather customer feedback and put your business model to the test.

What is a Minimum Viable Product grant?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grants are designed to support promising startups with the funds needed to progress from a proof of concept stage to a minimum viable product.

The grants are aimed at startups that are yet to generate revenue to help them engage with a potential business customer, or channel to market, and create innovative solutions that address compelling industry needs or market gaps.

What funding is available?

An MVP grant is a matched funding grant up to 50% of approved project costs, to a maximum of $25,000.

Successful grant applicants will receive 35% of the funding up-front and 65% after completion and validation of the MVP.

Who is eligible?

MVP grants are available across all industry sectors to startups who are primarily focused on the development of a scalable technology solution.

To be eligible for an MVP grant, a startup must:

  • Have a completed proof of concept (e.g. prototype completed)
  • Have an ABN registered in NSW and be based in NSW
  • The entity must be at pre-revenue stage
  • Hold IP or the rights to commercialise
  • Have a potential business customer  or business channel to market
  • Have a scalable solution that can be deployed to multiple customers
  • Demonstrate that 80% of development costs will occur in NSW
  • Demonstrate adequate matched funding has been secured for the project

How do I apply?

MVP grant applications are available online and are open all year round.

You must meet the eligibility requirements listed above in order to apply.

What happens after I apply?

We endeavour to complete each assessment within eight (8) weeks of submission, subject to the volume of applications.

Please note, The MVP grant is popular and  involves a competitive process. All applications are assessed against the criteria outlined in our MVP grant guidelines. All submissions are subject to a panel review process.


Need to talk?

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Building Partnerships grants

Building Partnerships grants help revenue generating startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) scale or grow strategically through the acquisition of a key customer or channel to market.

Building Partnerships grants help revenue generating startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) scale or grow strategically through the acquisition of a key customer or channel to market.

Building Partnership grants require startups or SMEs to have an innovative solution that addresses a market gap or opportunity and the collaboration of a consortium of partners.

The goals of the program are to enable a startup or an existing SME with a growth plan to:

  • expand or pivot an innovative product or solution
  • acquire a major customer
  • deliver at scale
  • or build access to a new market.

Funding available

Eligible businesses can receive up to 35% of the approved project costs up to a maximum grant of $100,000. The approved project costs may include:

  • further developing a product and/or solution
  • progressing early stage commercialisation i.e. product training or product testing
  • acquiring and retaining talent.

Who is eligible?

Applicants should:

  • have an innovative and scalable solution that can be deployed to multiple customers and be delivered within 12 months
  • demonstrate a consortium of partners who derive benefits from the proposed project
  • have a NSW based ABN and be registered for GST
  • hold intellectual property or rights to commercialise the product or solution
  • demonstrate adequate funding (at least 65% of total project costs) has been secured for the project.

Before you apply

Interested applicants must go through a preliminary application process to ensure they meet eligibility criteria, before being invited to submit a full application for the grant.

Read the Building Partnerships guidelines before you submit a preliminary application form.

How to apply

We’ve paused on accepting Building Partnerships Grants for this financial year.

Email to let us know you’re interested in future grants.

Need to talk?

Email us at or call us on 1300 JOB NSW (1300 562 679)

The Sydney Startup Hub

Located at 11-31 York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the Sydney Startup Hub will bring together leading incubators and accelerators in a high-density startup cluster. With more than 17,000sqm of space it will accommodate 2,500 people over 11 floors.

We have three main objectives for the Sydney Startup Hub:

  1. create jobs
  2. increase the diversity of the NSW startup community, with more startups from regional NSW and non-ICT industries
  3. grow the size and strength of the Sydney ecosystem.

Success Stories

Intersective The pipeline of assistance and endorsement of Jobs for NSW was quite a powerful signal to our customers; it helped us to go out and get new customers as we had the stability of the NSW Government brand behind us. Intersective Co-founder and CEO Beau Leese

Intersective developed a cloud-based platform called Practera, to help students and mentors collaborate on work-integrated learning experiences, such as business projects, internships, competitions, and workplace learning and development.

To help the business reach this next stage, Jobs for NSW awarded Intersective two grants: $15,000 under the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) program which helped them to obtain market feedback in order to test the business model, and $100,000 under the Building Partnerships (BP) program which gave them room to fund new partnerships and hasten market adoption.

In 2017, Intersective advanced from startup to a fast-growth SME (small to medium-sized enterprise) and Jobs for NSW again backed the company with a $300,000 Accelerating Growth Loan to expand its workforce and further commercialise its products.