Loan Guarantees

Loan Guarantees are offered in partnership with an Australian authorised financial institution. Jobs for NSW will act as a Guarantor for up to 50% of the loan (up to $5 million of the loan amount), for businesses who are unable to access the full quantum needed to enable business expansion.

Businesses can be located in both regional and metropolitan NSW.

Funding available

A Loan Guarantee will be offered under terms and conditions that meet the needs and objectives of the borrower, the partnering financial institution and Jobs for NSW to enable the business to create more jobs.

The terms and conditions of a Jobs for NSW Loan Guarantee are:

  • we will guarantee up to 50% of the amount lent to the business by a financial institution (up to $5 million of the loan amount)
  • the guarantee term is typically two to five years
  • repayment arrangements will be negotiated taking into account the proposed transaction, the financial stability of the business and the purpose of the loan.

Who is eligible

Loan Guarantees are available to fast-growing SMEs creating jobs in NSW that require capital to fund further expansion.

To be eligible for a Loan Guarantee, businesses must:

  • have a registered ABN and be an incorporated company
  • have a minimum of 5 employees (full-time, part-time or casual)
  • be creating a minimum of 30 additional FTE jobs within 3 years in NSW
  • have an inability to access sufficient funds from the Lender to enable the business expansion.

What can a Loan Guarantee be used for?

Financial assistance from a Loan Guarantee may be used to expand operations through:

  • working capital
  • payroll
  • scaling of commercialised research and development
  • expanding production capacity
  • exports and establishing national and international headquarters (if the business headquarters and jobs are created within NSW).

How to apply

We’ve paused on accepting applications for this financial year.

Email to let us know you’re interested in future  application rounds.


Talk to us

Email us at or call us on 1300 JOB NSW (1300 562 679).