Jobs for NSW annual reports

Jobs for NSW is a NSW Government agency that supports industries and entrepreneurial businesses that generate sustainable jobs across the state. The Jobs for NSW Annual Report shows how we are driving future job creation in NSW.

Key highlights 2017–18

In our third year, we have continued to support innovative job creating businesses that contribute to the sustainable economic growth of NSW.

Our highlights include:

Key highlights 2016–17

In our second year, we have remained focused upon meeting the challenge of facilitating job creation, both now and into the future.

Our key highlights include:

Key highlights 2015–16

As a new organisation the 2015–16 financial year focused on establishing the groundwork to meet the long-term mission of enabling jobs creation now and in the future. Jobs for NSW worked on four significant areas:

  • Established the four-year $190 million Jobs for NSW Fund
  • Completed our groundbreaking ‘Jobs for the Future’ research
  • Managed legacy programs
  • Supported regional NSW

In 2015–16, Jobs for NSW managed 95 projects, including projects funded under four Department of Industry programs.