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About Jobs for NSW

We’re for business and job growth

Jobs for NSW provides financial support to startups and emerging and fast-growth small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to scale and grow new jobs in NSW.

With a $190 million fund to invest over four years, we offer a suite of financial products including grants, loans and loan guarantees to support industries and entrepreneurial businesses that generate sustainable jobs across the state.

The Sydney Startup Hub

Located at 11-31 York Street in Sydney’s CBD, the Sydney Startup Hub will bring together leading incubators and accelerators in a high-density startup cluster. With more than 17,000sqm of space it will accommodate 2,500 people over 11 floors.

We have three main objectives for the Sydney Startup Hub:

  1. create jobs
  2. increase the diversity of the NSW startup community, with more startups from regional NSW and non-ICT industries
  3. grow the size and strength of the Sydney ecosystem.

Jobs for the Future report

The Jobs for NSW strategy is shaped by the 2016 Jobs for the Future report, which articulates key long-term priorities for job creation over the next 20 years, and an immediate agenda for action through to 2020.

Growing the industries of the future

We’re all about fostering and supporting the potential to grow and generate new jobs across the state. That’s why we focus on building up industries and sectors with a competitive edge that can really generate sustainable employment into the future.

Our target industries include:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • creative industries
  • digital innovation
  • environmental technologies
  • financial and professional services
  • food and quality goods to Asia
  • infrastructure and smart cities
  • international education
  • life sciences
  • regional HQs
  • tourism