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"We are open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of collaborating to help leverage NSW’s competitive advantages to create jobs in NSW, now and in the future. Jobs for NSW support can come in various forms – whether it be as an advisor, advocate, facilitator, funder or mentor, we are about supporting businesses that want to grow and create jobs in NSW"

David Thodey
Chairman Jobs for NSW

How we help

Our focus is to drive growth in industries where NSW has - or could have - a global competitive advantage.

Support for the Regions

We can help with – building sustainable businesses that strengthen export capabilities, creating clusters of capability and talent linked to key regional centres and transforming regional industries and communities to build NSW’s competitiveness.

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Building a strong ecosystem for NSW startups

Jobs for NSW offer grants to promising startups, as well as support for accelerators and incubators to help grow the startup ecosystem.

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