Jobs for the future report

Jobs for NSW has a plan to deliver one million new jobs over the next two decades.

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Jobs are essential for a stable, prosperous and sustainable society. The NSW economy is delivering the jobs and income we need to invest in our families and communities. Now, while our economy and jobs growth are strong, we are preparing for the future.

That’s a future with jobs and industries we know, and those we cannot yet imagine. Preparing for that future is in our hands, as individuals and as a community.

We are well placed for the future

Since 1996, average wages have risen about 20% faster than inflation. Job numbers have risen at a rate 30% faster than our working-age population, with growth across the State and all demographics. There are now 3.71 million people in paid work.

Our aspiration is simple

Infographic of elements for one million more NSW jobs by 2036

Everyone in NSW should have the opportunity for a meaningful working life, today and in the future, leading to one million more jobs by 2036.

So how will we get there?Jobs for the Future report cover

Our Jobs for the Future report (PDF 2.3 MB) has four clear strategies:

Two strategies to create more jobs, and two to prepare our people for them – on top of a strong budget and economy without which no other measures are possible.

We are already underway...

Download a snapshot of the report with the Jobs for the Future summary brochure.

Jobs for the Future summary brochure

Watch the video of the Jobs for the future report launch below.