Gazelle Loan Guarantees

Loan guarantees for fast-growth small to medium enterprises that need assistance accessing capital to expand their business.

How we can help your business access finance to grow and innovate

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The fastest growing subset of high growth small to medium enterprises (SMEs), known as gazelles, face a number of barriers when trying to access finance to drive step-change scaling efforts and expand their business.

Financial institutions are often unable to fund the working capital of gazelles due to their lack of security and the difficulty in assessing risks related to new technology, innovation and high growth industries, despite strong cash flow trajectories.

To address this funding challenge, Jobs for NSW is partnering with gazelles and financial institutions to offer guarantees for loans provided by financial institutions.

Are you eligible for a Gazelle Loan Guarantee to grow your business?

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To be eligible for a Gazelle Loan Guarantee, your small to medium business should have the following characteristics:

  • revenue between $3 million and $150 million
  • growth of 20% year on year of jobs and/or revenue for previous three years
  • 10 or more employees
  • a business plan outlining the growth strategy for job creation in NSW
  • inability to access the required funds for growth directly via a financial institution

To find out more, read our factsheet and FAQs:

Loan terms

Gazelle Loan Guarantees will be offered under terms and conditions that meet the needs and objectives of the borrower, the partnering financial institution and Jobs for NSW to enable the gazelle to create more jobs.

Jobs for NSW's loan guarantee terms:

  • We will guarantee up to 50% of the amount lent to the business by a financial institution (up to $5 million of the loan amount).
  • The guarantee term is typically two to four years.
  • Repayment arrangements will be negotiated taking into account the proposed transaction, the financial stability of the gazelle and the purpose of the loan.

What can the guaranteed loan be used for?

Financial assistance from a Gazelle Loan Guarantee may be used to expand operations through:

  • working capital
  • payroll
  • scaling of commercialised research and development
  • expanding production capacity
  • exports and establishing national and international headquarters (if the business headquarters and jobs are created within NSW)

How to apply

For more information contact us on or call 1300 JOB NSW (1300 562 679).