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Jobs for NSW offer a range of financial support to match different stages of business growth.

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Minimum Viable Product Grants

Who can apply: technology startups | Funding: up to 50% of project costs (total of $25,000)

Apply online for preliminary assessmentMinimum Viable Product Grants are available to promising startups not yet generating revenue, to gather feedback from customers and test business models.

We are currently reviewing our Minimum Viable Product grant application criteria. All applications received before 1 July 2017 will not be affected by new criteria. Further information will be available shortly.

Learn more about Minimum Viable Product Grants.

Building Partnerships Grants

Who can apply: technology startups | Funding: up to $100,000

Apply online for preliminary assessment Building Partnership Grants are available to startups that are already generating revenue to undertake a partnership or project that will accelerate market adoption of a product or service or develop a new technology based solution for a gap in the market.

Learn more about Building Partnerships Grants.

Accelerating Growth Loans

Who can apply: small to medium enterprises (SMEs) | Support: loans of $100,000 to $300,000

Accelerating Growth Loans provide direct finance to SMEs to accelerate their development.

Learn more about Accelerating Growth Loans.

Gazelle Loan Guarantees

Who can apply: small to medium enterprises (SMEs) | Support: loan guarantee of 50% (up to $5 million)

Gazelle Loan Guarantees are available to help fast-growth SMEs to obtain the loan approvals needed to expand and accelerate business growth.

Learn more about Gazelle Loan Guarantees.

Regional Solutions (closed)

Who can apply: Australian businesses creating jobs in regional NSW | Funding: up to 50% of project costs

Regional Solutions grants are available to businesses undertaking a project that will create a minimum of the equivalent of 10 full time jobs in regional NSW within two years of project commencement. Projects may include expanding business operations or opening a regional office.

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